Working for a Cure

The Bill Walsh Translational Cancer Research Laboratory was established in 1980 through the outstanding fundraising efforts of Bill Walsh. Much of what we have achieved since then has been made possible by support from the community served by Royal North Shore Hospital and the Northern Sydney Local Health District.

Bill Walsh Lab is located in the Kolling Building at Royal North Shore Hospital, and is the research arm of the Medical Oncology Department. It is part of the Hormones and Cancer Division of the Kolling Institute, which is affiliated with Sydney Medical School at the University of Sydney and is a member of Sydney Vital, a Cancer Institute NSW Translational Cancer Research Centre.

Our team of medical oncologists and cancer researchers work together to fast-track discoveries into clinical practice. We focus on increasing understanding of cancer biology, identifying better ways to diagnose and predict how a cancer will behave, and improving cancer treatment for better outcomes for cancer patients.

The close link between our laboratory and the clinic is represented in our logo of two cancer ribbons intersecting; one ribbon representing the laboratory, and the other representing the clinic.

The NORTH Foundation

The NORTH Foundation is proud to be the registered charity for the Northern Sydney Local Health District and to serve as the fundraising partner for Royal North Shore, Ryde and Hornsby Ku-Ring-gai hospitals and the Kolling Institute for Medical Research.

Our mission is to improve community well-being by supporting innovative health and research and the delivery of exceptional patient care. We want the NORTH Foundation to be widely recognized as a major contributor to world class medical research and a community health system in which people enjoy improved health throughout their whole lives.

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