Radiation Oncology

Northern Sydney Cancer Centre (NSCC) Radiation Oncology is part of the Cancer Care Services provided by Northern Sydney Local Health District and is the only New South Wales Public Health provider in Northern Sydney.  The centre is situated on Royal North Shore Hospital’s Campus, in St Leonards NSW, and is easily accessed by public transport from St Leonards Station.

Established in 1960 the Radiation Oncology department is a leading provider of advanced cancer treatment options and support services for patients, families and carers.  We offer a team of highly skilled and dedicated health professionals who individually design and deliver treatment regimes for each patient to improve treatment outcomes and ensure you receive the best possible care and support during you time with us. 

Northern Sydney Cancer Centre is actively involved in cancer research, and is dedicated to improve outcomes for cancer patients and their families.  Northern Sydney Cancer Centre patients may be eligible to enrol in a number of cancer trials, which can provide access to new treatment techniques. NSCC is a member of both the Australia and New Zealand Radiation Oncology trials group (TROG) and the United States Radiotherapy trials group (RTOG). 

In 2012 Northern Sydney Cancer Centre relocated to new facilities in the Royal North Shore Hospital.  This is an exciting development for NSCC staff and patients with improved facilities and treatment coordination bringing 

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