The Neurogenetics Laboratory

The Department of Neurogenetics was established by Professor Carolyn Sue in 2002 to provide diagnostic and research support for the mitochondrial and Parkinson’s disease clinics at Royal North Shore Hospital. Our group studies the causes of a wide range of neurogenetic disorders with particular interests in two fields: mitochondrial disease and movement disorders. Our team of neurologists and scientific researchers work together to develop new therapies for mitochondrial disease and movement disorders, discover new genes that cause these diseases, improve methods of diagnosis and gain knowledge about how genetic mutations cause neurological disease. We also use new stem cell models to further understand the cellular mechanisms that lead to neurodegeneration. Clinical studies are aimed at improving treatments and identifying factors that can predict disease progression and severity.

The Neurogenetics laboratory is located in the Kolling Building at Royal North Shore Hospital. It is part of the Neuroscience Division of the Kolling Institute, which is affiliated with the Sydney Medical School at the University of Sydney. The Neurogenetics Laboratory also represents the Sydney node of the National Centre for Adult Stem Cell Research.  

The NORTH Foundation

The NORTH Foundation is proud to be the registered charity for the Northern Sydney Local Health District and to serve as the fundraising partner for Royal North Shore, Ryde and Hornsby Ku-Ring-gai hospitals and the Kolling Institute for Medical Research.

Our mission is to improve community well-being by supporting innovative health and research and the delivery of exceptional patient care. We want the NORTH Foundation to be widely recognized as a major contributor to world class medical research and a community health system in which people enjoy improved health throughout their whole lives.

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